10th Class Date Sheet 2023 BISE Aga Khan Board

Date Sheet for the 10th Grade, 2023 BISE Aga Khan Board. According to the Ministry of Education’s most recent declaration, the decision has been made to commence the ninth level examination in the 2023 academic year without enforcing the admissions criteria. The exam will begin after July 10, according to a tweet from the minister of education, Shafqat Mahmood. The 10th Class Date Sheet 2023 has not yet been determined as the exact date. The final date sheet for the 10th Class test will soon be sent by all education committees, according to a tweet from the Minister of Education. Students are recommended to stay in touch with us to acquire all the information before the official announcement of the 9th-grade schedule and the start of the exam.

Notes: According to the official notification, the BISE Aga Khan Board Matric Annual Date Sheet 2023 was released on March 2, 2023, and exams will begin on March 6, 2023. On the basis of the PBCC timetable

Date Sheet for the BISE Aga Khan Board‘s 2023 annual exams for the 10th grade

DateDaySubject (1st Time )Subject (2nd Time)
06-03-2023MondayArabic / N.E.WCivics / N.E.W
07-03-2023TuesdayEnglish CompulsoryEnglish Compulsory
08-03-2023WednesdayElements of Home Economics / N.E.WN.E.W
09-03-2023ThursdayPersian/ N.E.WN.E.W
10-03-2023FridayMathematics Science
General Mathematics
Mathematics Science
General Mathematics
General Science
General Science
Computer Science
Computer Science
15-03-2023WednesdayIslamiat Compulsory
Ethics (Akhlaqiat)
Islamiat Compulsory
16-03-2023ThursdayEconomics / N.E.WN.E.W
Islamic Studies (Optional)
Islamic Studies (Optional)
18-03-2023SaturdayUrdu CompulsoryUrdu Compulsory
20-03-2023MondayEducation / N.E.WHistory of Pakistan / N.E.W
21-03-2023TuesdayPakistan Studies CompulsoryPakistan Studies Compulsory

Timetable for the annual 10th-class matriculation exams in 2023

  • Morning Session Paper will start at 8:30 AM
  • Evening Session Paper will start at 1:30 PM
  • Evening Session Paper on Friday will start at 2:30 PM

Date Sheet 2023 for the timetable for the practical exams for the tenth grade

  • The First Batch of Practical papers will start at 8:30 AM.
  • The Second Batch of Practical papers will start at 11:30 AM.
  • The Third Batch of Practical papers will start at 2:30 PM.

9th Class Examination Schedule 2023:

The schedule for the alma mater examinations in 2023 was released by the Punjab Board Chairman’s Committee. The 2023lesson 9 timetables for all topics, including science courses and art classes, will typically be issued at the same time as the exam, which is typically scheduled for July. However, the exam timetable for 2023 is also unclear because of revisions made to it last year and because of Covid-19. However, it may be inferred from the frequent updates provided by Shafqat Mahmood, the minister of education, that the examination meeting is nearing completion. All committees in Pakistan typically conduct the level 9 exams in accordance with their own schedule. All boards make sure that all regular and private exams are organized clearly and according to.

“Keep in mind that the schedule for the 10th pure study class is subject to change each year. Every year, paper is produced in accordance with the new Schedule. As a result, this Schedule only applies to the year 2023. The following year, I’ll update this page for 2024.

Date Sheet for the 9th Class for All Boards in 2023:

All boards of directors are under the Ministry of Education’s supervision and are subject to its laws and regulations. In accordance with their respective schedules, the Punjab Council, Sindh Council, KPK Council, AJK, and Balochistan Council Matric Part 1 Date Sheet 2023 test will be released. The 2023 Class 9 timetable will be posted on ilmswap.com as soon as it is made public by any Pakistani board of directors. The date sheet will be posted on the board of directors related date sheet page. On ilmswap.com, you can find Type 9 data tables that have been published by various committees. The middle and high school exams are scheduled in Pakistan by several examination committees at various periods.

Date Sheet 9th Class 2023 Updates:

There are multiple examination committees in each of the nation’s four provinces. There are nine (09) committees in Punjab, and they all organize exams in accordance with a predetermined schedule. The Inter Part 1 and Part 2 exams will begin in May, according to the Aga Khan University Examination Board (AKU-EB). The relevant students can obtain the date table from here after it was made public by the board of directors. Every year, ilmswap.com publishes all of the most recent announcements as soon as they are published.

10th Class Date Sheet 2023 BISE Aga Khan Board:

After two years of study, the degree is granted. Twice a year, the committee holds examinations. The board of directors scheduled the second exam for September after the first exam in May. The preparatory course is also used to evaluate intermediate tests. Since its founding in 2003, AKUEB has been conducting tests for intermediate and preparatory students. The board of directors, which is made up largely of students, is in charge of holding tests in a fair and equal manner.

BISE Aga Khan Board 10th Class Date Sheet 2023

The Inter Part 1 and Inter Part 2 courses were introduced in 2007 and put into practice in 2008. The commitment to misconduct by any student or institution may likewise be revoked. The board of directors makes sure that students have access to all necessary educational resources. Students’ abilities and expertise in a few chosen subjects form the basis of intermediate courses. Students have access to 23 subjects across various categories. Respect the guidelines set forth by university councils and linked schools.

On ilmswap.com, the schedules for the Intermediate Part 1 and Part 2 exams have been posted. The schedule of earlier entrance tests is also available here. Every year after the announcement, ilmswap.com releases the most recent announcements. Get in touch with us for further details.

Date Sheet for Class 10, Matriculation The Pakistani government has decided to scrap all of the nation’s educational board examinations. Instead, students advanced to the next class based on their performance in the previous academic year. Keep checking our page for the most recent changes.

For the following four student categories, a special exam will be held.

applicants who applied to take the composite Part I and II exams.

Candidates are running in a number of additional subjects.

those hoping to boost their grade 11 performance.

Candidates who scored less than 40% on their exams

In August 2023, these unique tests will be administered. He claimed that during these trying times, we have attempted to make the greatest choices. Date Sheet for the 2023 Aga Khan Board Matric Exams most recent updates. 16-May-2023 Announcement from Dr. Murad Raas Regarding Exams and Promotion of Inter Matric Students 15-May-2023 On May 13, 2023, the Sindh Government agreed to promote Matric and Inter students without exams. The Sindh Government decided to promote pupils without exams from First to Eighth Grade.

Date Sheet for Class 10 in 2024 Aga Khan Board for BISE

Keep in mind that the Mirpurkhas board date for the 10th grade changes every year. Every year, paper is produced by using the new date sheet. Keep in mind that this plan is for the year 2024. For the date sheet for the 10th class in 2024, we will update this site. 2024 schedule for the BISE Mirpurkhas Board 10th grade.

Date Sheet for 10th Grade 2025 Aga Khan Board for BISE

Note that the BISE Aga Khan Board date for the 10th grade changes every year. Every year, paper is produced by using the new date sheet. Keep in mind that this plan is for the year 2025. For the date sheet for the 10th grade in 2025, we will update this site. 2025 schedule for the BISE Mirpurkhas Board 10th grade.

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