11th Class Biology Notes 2023 All Chapters

Biology notes for 11th grade, all chapters (2023). Biology study notes for grade eleven Did you select a science course for intermediate students? This is a wise choice given the high demand for science-related fields worldwide. Biology notes for 11th grade, all chapters (2023). But those who have studied, gotten good grades, and mastered science courses are what is needed. Biology notes for 11th grade, all chapters (2023). If you’re searching for the same answer, ilmswap.com welcomes you and offers you a variety of options, like study notes for biology lesson 11 and intermediate chemistry notes. Biology notes for 11th grade, all chapters (2023).

Biology Notes 2023 All Chapters

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“Keep in mind that the pure study notes for the 11th grade change annually. Every year, paper is produced in accordance with the new Schedule. As a result, this Schedule only applies to the year 2023. The next year, I’ll update this page for 2023.

11th Class Biology Notes 2023 All Chapters

Home Economics Notes for 9th Grade, All Chapters. It is advised that students keep checking ilmswap.com for any revisions to the Lahore date table for the 9th grade. Additionally, students will be given a comprehensive timetable on this page when the 2023 Lahore Committee Class 9 schedule is announced. The 9th BISE Lahore examination date has been made public. The curriculum for level 10 has been released. The 9th level test will now begin on August 28, 2023, according to the Punjab Provincial Committee. Home Economics Notes for 9th Grade, All Chapters.

11th Grade Biology Notes 2023 All Chapters

We have clarified the challenging biological terms in these notes. People can quickly and simply address this issue with the help of these online notes. Along with the study notes for 2023, there is additional support material posted here that can assist you in finding the right answer to the exam’s questions. The biology MCQs that have been solved, the biology lesson 11 short questions, and the biology lesson 11 long questions are all included in the aid material. These three sections, including MCQs, are part of the biology test. You advise making study notes before providing an overview of these three components.

11th Class Biology Notes All Chapters


Latest Notes All Chapter

UNIT# 01                                                                      SHORT QUESTIONS

1-Branches of biology.    2-Significance of study of fossils.

3-Differentiate b/w Inductive & Deductive reasoning.

4-Compare theory & Law.        5-How and when do hypotheses become a theory?
6-Define following, Biological Control, IDM, Hydroponic culture technique, Pasteurization, Bioremediation, Endangered Species, Productive theory, Vaccination, and Hypothesis.
7-Define Pollution. Also, write its effects.


Describe how to tackle biological problems using biological methods.
Given the development of biology in food production.
Describe Environment protection and conservation.

What part does biology education play in promoting human welfare?


What is biochemistry? Give it some weight.

distinguish between catabolism and anabolism.

Give the bacterial and mammalian cells’ chemical makes-up.

List any two of water’s protective properties.

With an example, define heat capacity and heat of vaporization.

Give a definition of carbohydrates and its basic structure.

Nucleoside vs. nucleotide comparison.

Compare pyrimidines and purines.

Why are fat molecules deemed to have significant energy content?

What is the basic equation for an amino acid?

What proportion of human brain cells are made of water?

Unit#3                                                                     SHORT QUESTIONS

Write the two components of an active site, cofactor and activator?

Difference between Coenzyme and the Prosthetic Group.

distinguish between apoenzyme and holoenzyme.

List four enzyme properties.

distinguish between pepsin and pepsinogen.

What do you mean by the lock-and-key model of an enzyme?

Fit Model Induced?

is an inhibitor? the two types of writing.

Compare Inhibitors that are Competitive and Non-Competitive.

What causes an enzyme to quicken a metabolic process?

Activation Energy: What Is It?


Technique for cell fractionation?

the cell membrane’s chemical make-up?

What are the Fluid mosaic model and Unit membrane model?

the primary and secondary walls.

Describe how the cytoplasm works.

Compare the two sternae, Cristae.

What are storage diseases, polysomes, murein, and autophagosomes?

Vacuole and nuclear function.

Are there any similarities between plant and bacterial cell walls?

Contrast chromatin with the chromosome.


Describe the Plasma membrane’s functions.

Make a note.

Describe The bacterial phage life cycle.
Draw the HIV Infection Cycle.
Note-making on hepatitis


What are Tetrad, Staphylococcus, and Streptococcus?

bacterial classification based on flagella.

Write down Flagella functions.

Describe Pilli and its functions.

Compare the gram positive and gram negative bacteria’s cell walls.


Describe bacterial nutrition.

bacterial classification based on mode of respiration.

Describe the various bacterial development phases.

Describe several chemical and physical techniques that

Unit#7                                                         SHORT QUESTIONS

How does exclusion define a kingdom protist?
What does “polyphyletic group of creatures” mean?
Do you know anything about enormous amoebas?

Write two Zooflagellates characters.

Describe Trypansoma.

Pseudopodia and Cillia side by side?

Describe conjugation.

Differentiate between Trichonymphus and Choanoflagellates.

Separate the micronucleus from the macronucleus.

Thallus and coenocytes?

What significance do diatoms have?

What do kelps do?

Create four characters that look like green vegetation or algae.

Describe Chlorella.

The value of algae.

similarities and differences between fungi and protists, for example?

Unit#8                                                       SHORT QUESTIONS

Who or what is nuclear mitosis?
Define hyphae and list its varieties.
Describe Mycelium.

What are lichen and mycorrhizae?

3 Describe haustoria.

Carnivorous fungus are what? cite an instance.

What exactly are dikaryotic hyphae?

What are plasmogamy and karyogamy?

Compare Smut and Rust.

What are aspergillosis and histoplasmosis?


Identify the fungi’s taxonomic status.

2 Explain fungi’s nutritional needs.

3 Describe the fundamental traits of fungus.

Explain how fungi reproduce sexually and asexually.

Describe the ecological benefits and harm caused by fungi.

Unit#9                                                                          SHORT QUESTIONS

Define bryophytes & why they are said to be amphibious plants.
Define the term heteromorphic.
What is the gymnosperm? Also, give example
Define double fertilization.
Compare monocot & dicot.
Compare Megaspore & Microspore.
What is heterospory?
                                                                                     LONG QUESTIONS 
Write a note on the adaptation of bryophytes to land habitat.
Write a short note on the evolution of the leaf.
Describe the evolution of seed habit.

Unit#10                                                                    SHORT QUESTIONS

What are Diploblastic, Triploblastic, Acoelomate, Coelomate, Pseudocoelomate, Gemmules, Hermaphrodite, Protandrous  
Compare Ostia & Osculum?        
Write Importance of Sponges.
What are Nematocysts?   
What is enteron?     
Compare Polyps & Medusae
1 What is Polymorphism?   
2 What are Coral Reefs?     
3 What are Flame Cells?   
4 What is Metamorphosis?
Define nymph/instar.   
What is Radula?  
What is Haemocyanin?     
Define Regeneration?  
Difference b/w Radial & Bilateral Symmetry.

Unit#11                                 SHORT QUESTIONS

Define the followings, Bioenergetics, Photosynthesis, Compensation Point, Bacteriochlorophylls, Chemiosmosis, Accessory pigments, Respiration, Types of fermentation,
Write molecular formula for chlorophyll a and chlorophyll b
What is Antenna Complex?
Compare photosystem I and photosystem II
What is cellular respiration? Write its in stages.
What is the net production of ATP during Glycolysis?
The difference in Phosphorylation & Oxidative Phosphorylation.
How is the formation of Vit?A link with the eating of carrots?

                                                  LONG QUESTIONS 

Describe Van Neil’s Hypothesis.
Write a note on Non-cyclic Phosphorylation.
Write a note on Cyclic Phosphorylation.
Draw & explain the Kalvin cycle.
Explain Glycolysis.
Explain Kreb’s cycle.
Write a note on the Respiratory chain.
Compare Photosynthesis and Respiration in plants.

Unit#12                                 SHORT QUESTIONS

Define symbiotic association with an example.
Give functions of the oral cavity.
What is the composition of gastric juice?
What is hunger pang?
Define Peristalsis & Anti-peristalsis.
Write names & functions of enzymes secreted by the pancreas.
Functions of Gastrin and secretion.
Differentiate in diarrhea & Constipation.
What is common food poisoning?
What is botulism?
Write symptoms & causes of dyspepsia.
How can we control obesity?
                                         LONG QUESTIONS 
Describe Heterotrophic Nutrition in plants.
Write a note on digestion in an Oral cavity in man.
Describe digestion of food in the stomach.
Describe digestion of food in the small intestine.
Define Nutrition. Describe the role of different elements in plant nutrition.

Unit#13                                 SHORT QUESTIONS

Advantages & disadvantages of gas exchange in air and water.
Compare stomach with lenticels
Write properties of respiratory surfaces in animals.
Functions of the nasal cavity.
What are the diaphragm and pleura?
Compare Inspiration & Expiration.
What are alveoli?
Compare oxyhemoglobin & carboxyhemoglobin.
What is the CO₂ concentration in Arterial & Venous blood?
Differentiate hemoglobin & myoglobin(What are respiratory pigments?)
Write notes on Cancer, T.B, and Asthma.
Write a composition of inhaled & exhaled air.
What is the diving reflex?
How does breathing differ from respiration?

Unit#14                                 SHORT QUESTIONS

Describe processes involved in the absorption by roots in the uptake of minerals.
Define transpiration.
Define Imbibition & bleeding in plants, Source, Sink, Pressure flow theory
Write functions of proteins present in plasma.
Write functions of platelets.
Compare bicusbid & tricuspid valves.
1 What are blue babies?
2 What is ECG?
3 What is the function of an Artificial pacemaker?
4 What is hypertension, Myocardial Infarction, Systolic & diastolic pressure
Compare thrombus & embolus.
The difference in blood & lymph.
What is cell mediate response?
What is Antiserum?

                                                             LONG QUESTIONS 

Write a note on the Ascent of sap.
Describe different hypotheses for the opening & closing of stomata.
Comparison of open & closed circulatory system
Write down the functions of blood.
Explain Leucaemia & Thalassemia.
Write a note on W.B.Cs
Describe the structure & function of the Human heart.
Compare the structure, and function of Arteries, Veins, and capillaries.
Define the lymphatic system. Give its functions.

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