11th Class Chemistry pairing Scheme 2023 DG Khan Board

Chemistry Pairing Scheme for the Eleventh Grade, DG Khan Board 2023. All boards in Punjab and AJK may use these first-year intermediate-level matching programs for all courses. The pairing strategy may occasionally be modified. In order to ensure that they have an updated version of the plan, all students and teachers in the 11th-grade Chemistry class should use the pairing scheme to check the matching plan periodically. You can address any issues or make remarks in the comment section. This post has already received a comment. Rank higher on the list by moving up. Chemistry Pairing Scheme for the Eleventh Grade, DG Khan Board 2023.

Scheme for chemistry pairing DG.Khan Board 11th Grade 2023:

As soon as we can, we will react to your comments. Do not spam the comments section, please. Students can better prepare for the annual test by identifying key sections and themes in the chemistry syllabus with the use of the matching strategy. Chemistry is a discipline with many intricate ideas. Students must therefore have a certain awareness of crucial subjects, how to divide several subjects, and how many queries should be raised in the essay. Level 9 Pakistan Studies Matching Plan, Level 9 Computer Matching Plan, Level 9 Biology Matching Plan, Level 9 Chemistry Matching Plan, Level 9 Physical Matching Plan. Chemical Matching Plan at Level 10, Biological Matching Plan at Level 10.

Chemistry partnering scheme for the 11th grade FSc First Year Biological

Matching Program and FSc Part 1 Chemical Matching Program, DG. Khan Board 2023. The first-year computer matching plan and the eleventh physical matching plan for FSc. Inter FSc Chemistry and Biology Pairing Schemes for the Second Year. The FSc First Year Computer Matching Plan and the 12th FSc Physical Matching Plan. Khan, DG, BISE For all FSc disciplines, a pairing scheme of studies is accessible here. It typically releases study plans for the following subjects: math, chemistry, physics, biology, computers, and Pakistan studies. All FSc first-year students, regardless of where they are from, can benefit from the scheme of studies. Whether you’re from Lahore, Multan, Gujranwala, Sargodha, Rawalpindi, Sahiwal, Faisalabad, or any other city in Pakistan. just read or download.

paper SchemeChemistry
update18 January
Class11th Class
Board11th Class assessment scheme is only for the Rawalpindi Board, Gujranwala Board, Lahore Board, Dera Ghazi Khan Board, Multan Board, and Kashmir Board
Keyword11th class Pairing Scheme 2023 DG. Khan Board- all Boards Scheme are here..

FSc 1st Year Chemistry Pairing Scheme Updated 2023

FSc First Year Chemistry Pairing Scheme 2023

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs):


2 From Each Chapter (1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9)

1 From Each Chapter (2, 7, 8, 10, 11)

Short Questions:

Q.No. 2 ☛ Ch# 1 (3) + Ch# 2 (2) + Ch# 3 (4) + Ch# 9 (3) = 8/12

Q.No.3 ☛ Ch# 4 (4) + Ch# 5 (4) + Ch# 8 (2) + Ch# 11 (2) = 8/12

Q.No.4 ☛ Ch# 6 (4) + Ch# 7 (2) + Ch# 10 (3)= 6/9

BISE DG Khan FSc All Subjects Pairing Schemes Here

Long Questions:

You’ve to attempt any 3 questions, out Of 5. Moreover, check to pair of each question’s parts below.

Q.No.5 ☛ Part (a) from Chapter No.1 & Part (b) from Chapter No.4

Q.No.6 ☛ Part (a) from Chapter No.3 & Part (b) from Chapter No.5

Q.No.7 ☛ Part (a) from Chapter No.6 & Part (b) from Chapter No.7

Q.No.8 ☛ Part (a) from Chapter No.8 & Part (b) from Chapter No.11

Q.No.9 ☛ Part (a) from Chapter No.9 & Part (b) from Chapter No.10

Download FSc 1st Year all Pairing Schemes in One File

You can also download all subject pairing Schemes in one Pdf file. Click the following download button.

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