BA part 1 Political Science Guess paper 2022

Political science guess paper for BA part 1 for 2022. All preceding topics’ Guess papers are well-liked by the students. The 2021 Punjab University Political Science Bachelor’s Degree Guessing Thesis for Essays A and B is also available for download. Because they believe it is connected to all other disciplines and is simpler to do well in, many students choose political science as an optional or elective subject on the annual BA exam. Part 1 Guess paper for Political Science BA 2022. But allow me to say this: The idea is completely incorrect since if you don’t study even one day over the entire year, all of your classes will be challenging for you. Political Science, First Year of the BA.

Political Science part 1 of the 2022 Guess Paper

Students are not very interested in reading this book because their exam questions are on aspects of daily life, and passing the exam is simple.
This is the Punjab University B.A. Part 1 2023 Guessing Essay for Political Science in Urdu. Students can see that these guessing exam papers for BA Part 1 Political Science feature significant long and short questions. These guessing exam papers are valid for the traditional special exam in 2023, which will be placed in April and May. These are really significant questions, yet this guess paper solely applies to Punjab University (PU). This guess paper can also be used by students from Gujarat University and Sargodha University to pass the test.

Political Science Part 1 of the 2022 BA Guess Paper

A visual representation of the list of crucial topics is provided. To save the image to your phone, long-press it. On a PC, simply right-click the image and choose to save the image. Urdu secondary students are more anxious than English secondary students are, which compels them to employ a variety of learning resources, such as the 9th-grade previous papers in 2018 and the Urdu secondary Gujranwala language committee 9th. Level syllabus, etc. By changing the exam questions over the past five years, students have improved their academic performance and passed the ninth sample essay from the Gujranwala Board. It is advised that Gujranwala language students in Grade 9 download.

Political Science part 1 of the 2022 Guess Paper

Students don’t have to look up the solutions to the 9th test questions from the last five years because the past papers on our website solve the past problems of the Political Science Committee in Urdu.
Past papers from the Gujranwala Board of Urdu Medium include both morning and evening shifts. Students should browse our portal if they want to get the Gujranwala Night Shift Committee’s Class 9 past essays. Diversity is evident in both the changes and the way the subject is presented. For instance, a student can see previous essays for grade 9 chemistry on our website. Similar to this, our website offers English history.

Political Science Guess paper for PU/BZU/UOS/OU

1۔ قانون کی تعریف اور اسلامی قوانین کے ماخذ

2۔ جمہوری طرز حکومت کی خوبیاں اور خامیاں

3۔ جمہوری ریاست میں سیاسی جماعتوں کے فرائض

4۔ ریاست کی تعریف کریں۔ ریاست اور معاشرے میں فرق۔

5۔ قانون کی تعریف اور اس کی مختلف اقسام

6۔ اقتدار اعلی اور اس کی اقسام اور خصوصیات

7۔ علم سیاسیات کی تعریف ، اس کے فوائد اور اہمیت

8۔ بالواسطہ اور بلا واسطہ (براہ راست) انتخاب / الیکشن کی خصوصیات

9۔ رائے عامہ کے اظہار کےزرائع اور پیمائش کے طریقے

10۔ آزادی کے تحفظات 11۔ عدلیہ کے فرائض

12۔ موثر رائے عامہ کے لوازمات 13۔ فاشزم کے بنیاد ی اصول

14۔ کمیونزم (اشتمالیت) پر نوٹ

15۔ مختصر سوالات

علم سیاسیات کی تعریف، ریاست کے عناصر، اسلامی فلاحی ریاست کے فرائض،

شہری کے فرائض ، انتظامیہ کے فرائض، شہریوں کے حقوق،

اچھے عوامی نمائندے کی خصوصیات، صدارتی طرز حکومت کی خصیوصیات

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