BA Part 1 Political Science Notes 2023

Political Science Notes for Part 1 of the BA 2023 For the Punjab University BA Part 1 2023 examination, here is a sample political science essay in Urdu. Students can view these hypothetical questions, which include significant lengthy and short political science topics for BA Part 1. These practice tests are for the customary special exams scheduled for April–May 2023. The online video lecture choices offered by can also assist students who are having trouble learning a certain subject. Political Science BA Part 1 Notes 2023.

Notes for 2023: Political Science, Part 1

Although this guest paper is only for students at Punjab University (PU), Sargodha University and University of Gujarat students can also utilize it to pass their examinations as these are really significant questions. The crucial BA Part 1 questions are now listed below. Political Science: BA Part 1 Important Questions 2023
A image of the list of crucial inquiries is provided. To save the image to your smartphone, long tap. If the image is on your desktop, simply select “Save Image” from the context menu. Students who struggle to learn a particular subject can also seek assistance through’s online video lecture choices.

Notes on Politics for the BA 2023 Part 1

Therefore, don’t lose time registering on the website This will ensure that you never miss any information regarding the Sargodha Inter Board Exams and will keep you up to date on all the previous BISE Sargodha Board 11th class exam papers. Articles from the Sargodha Board of Directors, and it’s not like you keep taking advantage of this chance. However, you may see it below if you want to store SMS on your phone. These texts can be converted into PDFs. For the Associate, these guest paper-related questions are crucial.

Key Political Questions for BA Part 1 2023

For all of the students who are wanting to do well on the Sargodha Statistics Committee exams this year, this is a fantastic opportunity. Every student’s main issue in this topic is that the majority of the math formulae are the same and highly challenging to recall. In this manner, you’ll narrow your attention to the query’s primary formulas. If you still require assistance, you may always rely on the online MCQ test to earn the greatest grade possible on the MCQ portion of this subject. For your comfort and convenience, an HD image of the guest paper has now been provided.

Political Science Notes for PU/BZU/UOS/OU

  1. Definition of Law and Sources of Islamic Laws
  2. Advantages and disadvantages of a democratic form of government
  3. Duties of political parties in a democratic state
  4. Define the state. Difference between state and society.
  5. Definition of law and its different types
  6. Sovereignty and its types and characteristics
  7. Definition of Political Science, its benefits, and importance
  8. Characteristics of direct and indirect (direct) selection / election
  9. Methods of expressing and measuring public opinion
  10. Freedom Protections 11. Duties of the Judiciary
  11. Essentials of Effective Public Opinion 13. Basic principles of fascism
  12. Notes on Communism (Inclusion).
  13. Short questions

Definition of Political Science, Elements of State, Duties of Islamic Welfare State,

Duties of citizens, duties of administration, rights of citizens,

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