2nd years result Bahawalpur bise boards 2021

Assalamu Alaikum. Here are we are introducing the Bahawalpur boards 2nd years result in 2021.12th grade students who come under the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education boards of intermediate and secondary education Bahawalpur are offered the full details of all classes like the 12th class of the 2nd year results in 2021 bise Bahawalpur Board along with the possible details of the Board of Education. According to a recent announcement by the Ministry of Education, the results will be shared within 02 or a month and a half after the examinations are over. Therefore, we can expect that the results of the Class XII 2021 Bahawalpur Board has been announced on October 14, 2021. However, until the final announcement of the results, we advise students to keep coming.

how to search results

From the above discussion, the students came up with the idea that when bise bwp 2nd year result 2021. Now, we would like to share with the students a general idea of ​​how they can check the result of the 12th class. BISE Bahawalpur announces final results only on its official website. We recommend that students visit the official website on the day the results are announced. Students will have two options: check the result by name and check the result by roll number. However, the Board of Education also allows the students to check the result via SMS. The Board of Education has developed a specific code for this purpose. Students send their roll number to this code and through reply, they get full bise bwp inter result 2021.

Bahawalpur Board 12th Class previous Result History

YearResult Bahawalpur boards Announced On
2020.(Annual)(BISE Bahawalpur Board Inter Result 2020)(Announced on 09/22/2020)
2019.()Supply)(BISE Bahawalpur Board Inter Supply Result 2019)(Announced on 01/11/2020)
2019.(Annual)(BISE Bahawalpur Board Inter 12th Class Result 2019)(Announced on 09/04/2019)
2018.(Supply)(BISE Bahawalpur Board Inter Class Supply Result 2018)(Announced on 01/12/2019)
2018(Annual)(BISE Bahawalpur Board 12th Class Result 2018)(Announced on 09/12/2018)
.Bahawalpur results in 2021 previous


12ویں جماعت کے امتحانات 10 جولائی 2021 اور 27 جولائی 2021 کے درمیان منعقد کیے گئے تھے۔ تازہ ترین اعلان کے مطابق، BISE بہاولپور بورڈ 12ویں جماعت کے نتائج، 2021 کا اعلان 14 اکتوبر 2021 کو شام 5:00 بجے کیا گیا ہے۔

Result Update 2021

ClassDate of paperStatus
(12th Class Result )14th. October .2021Announced >
(12th Class Result 2020. (Annual Exams)22 .September. 2020Announced>
(12th Class Result 2019. (Annual Exams)04 .September. 2019Announced>
results update

If you want to see other boards’ 2nd years results then visit our website and click the bar button then enter the text you want to search.

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