bise di khan board matric date sheet 2022

Bise dera ismail khan boards date sheet 2022

Each year students are updated on time about the latest BIS Dera Ismail khan 10th class date sheet one month before the annual examinations of di khan. Students are waiting for their final date sheet of bis di khan so that they can plan their studies for next year and exam preparation accordingly. However, due to the circumstances caused by Corona epidemics, the date sheet will be delayed in the next exams. The delay was due to students not being able to complete their course at this time. Examination Boards are facilitating students to finish their syllabus so that they can pass their final examination and advance in their intermediate education. Students need their 10t( 10)( class date sheet Dera Ismail Khan Board 2022 to read the important instructions written on it.

studi guideline for students

Since the date sheets have not been uploaded yet, this is a good opportunity to start preparing for your exams before it’s too late. You can start your learning journey by setting a manageable timetable. This is your chance to spend time reading and learning important concepts. You can refer to the pairing schemes to get an idea of ​​all the important topics covered in the exams. After learning your curriculum, proceed to practice past handouts and find out any difficulties you may encounter during the exercise. This will strengthen the key concepts and increase your self-confidence. Plus, you’ll be getting rid of clutter you don’t need.

previous years date sheet

Date Sheet di khan boardDate Announced
BISE DI Khan Board Matric ( Date Sheet 2020)11-02-2020.
BISE DI Khan Board Matric ( Supply Date Sheet 2019)22-08-2019.
BISE DI Khan Board Matric ( Date Sheet 2019)11-02-2019.
BISE DI Khan Board Matric ( Supplementary Date Sheet 2018)13-08-2018.
BISE DI Khan Board Matric ( Date Sheet 2018)20-02-2018.

Dera ismail khan board date sheet 2021

23-06-2021Wednesday.English (Compulsory)10th3 Hrs
24-06-2021Thursday.Urdu Advance / Arabic / Pashto10th3 Hrs
25-06-2021Friday.MathematicsGeneral Maths10th3 Hrs
26-06-2021Saturday.Art & Modal Drawing (Theory) /10th2 Hrs
28-06-2021Monday.BiologyComputer Science10th3 Hrs
2.5 Hrs
29-06-2021Tuesday.EducationIslamic History10th3 Hrs
30-06-2021Wednesday.ChemistryGeneral Science10th3 Hrs.
02-07-2021Friday.Health & Physical Education10th.3 Hrs
03-07-2021Saturday.Physics .Islamic Studies.10th3 Hrs.————–
05-07-2021Monday.—-CivicsEconomics10th.3 Hrs
06-07-2021Tuesday.Urdu Compulsory10th3 Hrs.————–
07-07-2021Wednesday.Home Economics .Electeical Wiring .Electronics .Auto Mobile10th.3 Hrs
2 Hrs
2 Hrs
2 Hrs
08-07-2021Thursday.Islamiyat CompulsoryEthics10th2 Hrs.————–
09-07-2021Friday.Art & Modal Practical (Practical)10th.2 Hrs
10-07-2021Saturday.Pakistan Studies Compulsory10th2 Hrs.————–
12-07-2021Monday.Management for Better Home10th.3 Hrs
BISE DI خان بورڈ میٹرک کی سالانہ ڈیٹ شیٹ 2022 کا اعلان جون 2021 کے مہینے میں کیا جائے گا۔ اور بورڈ حکام کے مطابق امتحانات 23 جون 2022 سے شروع ہوں گے۔

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