Bise kohat board matric date sheet 2022

It is important thing that students receive their date sheets ahead of time. This allows them to plan ahead and develop study strategies accordingly Important information is mentioned on the date sheet, for example, the examination instructions that the candidates should follow and the dates and times of each examination. Now, the date sheet has been announced and matric class students can get their last matric class date sheet Kohat Board 2022.

Normally, the date sheets of matric classes are to be issued at least one or two months before the examinations. But unfortunately, the release of the Kohat Board’s matric class date sheet 2022 has been delayed due to circumstances arising out of Code-19. This is the reason for the delay in the Kohat board‘s date sheet.

instruction for students

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About kohat boards

BISE Kohat became an independent board in 2002 and Brigadier (Retd) Talat Imtiaz Naqvi was appointed as the founding chairman. As the board is working, it is managing the examinations of all the students of the Kohat division. It has command over Kohat, Karak, and Hangu districts and Kurram and Orakzai agencies. The main purpose of the board is to conduct examinations in a clear environment.

The Board assigns supervisory staff to the examination center and ensures that all papers are administered fairly under the supervision of supervisory staff. If there is any ambiguity in it, it can also disqualify the teacher and the candidate concerned. Regular and private students from affiliated areas can apply to register with the board.

previous date sheets of matric class

Date Sheet of Kohat board/Date Announced/
BISE Kohat Board Matric. Date Sheet 2021 (June)
BISE Kohat Board Matric. Date Sheet 2020 ( 13-02-2020)
BISE Kohat Board Matric.Supply Date Sheet 2019 (10-08-2019)
BISE Kohat Board Matric. Date Sheet 2019 (14-02-2019)
BISE Kohat Board Matric. Supplementary Date Sheet 2018 (13-08-2018)
BISE کوہاٹ بورڈ میٹرک کے خصوصی امتحانات 2022 کی ڈیٹ شیٹ کا اعلان نومبر 2022 میں کیا جائے گا۔ اور بورڈ حکام کے مطابق امتحانات 13 دسمبر 2022 کو شروع ہوں گے۔

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