BISE Peshawar Board 1st Year I.Com Part 1 Result 2022

I.Com Part 1 of First Year for BISE Peshawar Board The year 2022. The pupils took the annual exam and then anxiously awaited the results. As a result, the outcome is actually seen as a crucial occasion for students to comprehend the outcomes of their diligent labor. On September 17, 2022, the Peshawar Committee’s inter-election results were announced. The international examination was conducted by the committee in July, and the authorities for Result 2022 are currently hard at work publishing the findings. General and private candidates will soon have access to the interim results of the 2022 Peshawar Committee. Every year, the Peshawar Committee administers exams to registered intermediate and intermediate pupils. The standards that must be met before the yearly exam are all announced by the board of directors. The Peshawar Committee then began.

Notes: The BISE Peshawar Board Annual Exams 2022 began with the first part of the 11th class, the FSC, the ICS, and the ICOM exams in July 2022. The results will be released on October 29 at 10:00 AM. Continue to check our page for the most recent updates.

BISE Peshawar Board 1st Year I.Com Part 1 Result
BISE Peshawar Board 1st Year I.Com Part 1 Result

2022 BISE I COM Part 1 Result Peshawar Council:

Students from many subject areas, including computer science, art, and science, are eligible to take the exam. Candidates are now awaiting the Peshawar Committee Part 1 and Part 2 intermediate results because the exam has already been completed. Candidates can view the preliminary results by inputting the paper number after the results have been announced, allowing students to take the yearly exam. Initiated in 1961, the Peshawar Intermediate and Secondary Education Committee. The committee, which the provincial government established, is in charge of organizing the annual intermediate and intermediate examinations in the subjects that fall under its purview.

Part 1 Outcome 2022 I COM BISE Peshawar Board:

The annual exams are carried out by BISE Peshawar, which also announces the results on schedule. The committee has jurisdiction over Charsadda, Chitral, Khyber Agencies, and Mohmand. The SSC and HSSC yearly exams had a significant turnout of applicants. The board of directors appoints skilled personnel to ensure that the documents are accurately reviewed and that the outcomes are made public in a timely way. Please visit frequently to stay informed about developments to the Peshawar Intermediate Grade Board for 2022. I.Com Part 1 BISE Peshawar Board Result 2022.

Results for the 2022 BISE Peshawar Board I COM Part 1:

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government established the BISE Peshawar Committee in 1961. The board of directors once had responsibility for all aspects of KPK secondary education, but later the board was split into three boards. The following districts are under the Peshawar Committee’s purview: Peshawar District, Federal Administrative Tribal District, Charsadda District, and Chitral District. BISE Peshawar, the primary command organization of KPK, manages the Matric and Intermediate examinations for both private and public students. As a result of the KPK committee’s affiliation with numerous schools and colleges, students at these institutions are qualified to apply for final exams.

How to acquire the 2022 I COM Part 1 Result:

The BISE Board of Directors will formally announce the Part 12 final results on August 29, 2022, according to the board of directors.
The Intermediate Part 1 and Intermediate Part 2 assessments were administered by BISE Peshawar in March of this year as they are every year.
Every year, the Peshawar Committee administers tests for two categories of science and art. Essays on both theory and practice are required from the science group of students. In this respect, art students are fortunate in that they are exempt from practical exams. Only theoretical articles are offered. Each group, though, undoubtedly has a unique scope and significance. The two groups are challenging. Right now, each student in the

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