BISE Rawalpindi Board 2nd Year I.Com Part 2 Result 2022

Second Year I.Com Part 2 Result 2022 for BISE Rawalpindi Board. The Rawalpindi Board of Education’s second-year results will definitely be eagerly anticipated by students who took the 12th Class final exam in 2022. We give students the anticipated ICOM Part 2 results that the Punjab Ministry of Education has released. This schedule states that the final results will be declared on September 30, 2022.

Notes: From June 18 to July 4, 2022, the second-year I.Com Part 2 exams were held. The most recent news states that the BISE Rawalpindi Board 2nd Year I.Com Part 2 result will be made public. At 10:00 AM on October 20, 2022. On the basis of the PBCC timetable.

It takes so little time to create BISE Rawalpindi 2022 level 12 results because the examination duration is solely for I COM Part 2, and I.COM Part 2 Result 2022. Although the formal disclosure of any confirmation date on the Rawalpindi Board’s 12th grade has not yet been made, we will let you know as soon as we can. Once board authorities have announced the results. I.COM Part 2 BISE Rawalpindi Board 2022 Results.

BISE Rawalpindi Board 2nd Year I.Com Part 2 Result
BISE Rawalpindi Board 2nd Year I.Com Part 2 Result

Results for I COM Part 2 Intermediate 2022 BISE Board of Rawalpindi:

One of ten education committees active in Punjab, the Rawalpindi Intermediate and Secondary Education Committee promotes Rawalpindi and neighboring districts by offering top-notch educational services. This organization is also thought of as the educational hub for pupils residing in the area that is governed by the committee. The committee also has jurisdiction over Jhelum, Attock, and Chakwal. It oversees all educational matters in these regions and also administers elementary and intermediate exams to aspirants who reside there.

Such thoughts must be running through the minds of the Rawalpindi Board of Director’s pupils, who will only be taking the 12th-level elective topics in 2022. One of the most influential bodies in Punjab is the Rawalpindi Secondary School Education Committee. In Punjab, there are nine active education committees. Billions of students take yearly examinations and earn degrees every year. The official release date for the results will be made by the authorities. The annual performance that occurs in July between Parts 1 and 2 of each year.

2022 BISE Part 2 Intermediate Result Board I COM for Rawalpindi:

Three months after the results are announced. In September 2022, the Rawalpindi board for the 11th and 12th grades of 2022 will be announced. The printed bulletin will be distributed throughout Punjab’s districts. The designated address is where all regular and private candidates receive their scorecards. By providing their name and volume number, students can access their inter-part 1 results for the Rawalpindi Board in 2022. In 1977, the Rawalpindi Committee was founded. One of the important committees in Punjab is the Rawalpindi Committee of the Intermediate Education Committee. The board of directors’ norms and regulations must be followed by all universities and colleges. The Board of Directors of Rawalpindi undertakes a variety of tasks, recording all

Board I COM Part 2 Intermediate Results for BISE Rawalpindi 2022:

Under the direction of knowledgeable and experienced experts, papers are being examined. All procedures are carried out in an understandable and open way. The thesis is corrected by qualified teachers. Exams are held annually and as needed for the Attock, Chakwal, Rawalpindi, and Jhelum regions by the Rawalpindi Council. Since the committee’s establishment in 1977 and the first exam it administered in 1978, the area has relied on it to administer level 12 exams.

Every year, regular and unaffiliated applicants sign up for the Intermediate Examination of the Rawalpindi Commission. In September, the transfer of the Rawalpindi Commission for the 12th grade in 2022 will be announced. Students are getting ready to learn their exam results and the results of their amazing efforts. Our website has the timetable uploaded. In any case, the yearly examination for the 12th grade was held in May 2022. In that event, the September 2022 results for the Rawalpindi Board of Directors level 12 will be announced.

Results for the 2022 Rawalpindi Board 12th Grade:

According to the official notification, the Rawalpindi Intermediate and Secondary Education Committee will make the results public in September 2022. Together with the results of all other Punjab committees, the Inter Part II Rawalpindi committee results will be announced in 2022. The fastest student website in Pakistan,, will be the place where all waiting Inter-II students may view their results online. In order to stay up to date on the results of the second part of 2022, we advise all students to regularly check the website. We wish you luck until then. BISE I.Com Part 2 Rawalpindi Board Result 2022.

How to Get an Intermediate 2022 ICOM Part 2 Result:

The second portion of the exam is organized by the Rawalpindi Committee according to a different timetable each year. They are currently getting ready for the inter-II results as the exam for the inter-II began in May 2022. In addition to administering tests within Rawalpindi, the Rawalpindi BISE Committee also administers tests outside of the city. Similar to Attock, the BISE Rawalpindi Commission is in charge of Chakwal, Rawalpindi, and Jhelum. In 1977, the BISE Rawalpindi Committee was founded. It has concentrated on delivering high-quality education throughout its jurisdiction since it was founded. The board of directors is currently working hard to release the results since the second-year exam was conducted in May. Consequently, it was declared in writing that

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