12th class date sheet 2021 sargodha boards

Here are we are introducing the Sargodha boards 2nd year’s date sheet 2021. There are various study groups that a student can choose in Intermediate such as Pre-Medical, Pre-Engineering, and Humanities. The board of intermediate Sargodha boards announces the date sheet for all study groups like fa) and fsc) at the same time. Following the announcement of the date sheet, students are required to adhere to the exam And date sheet schedule provided to them. It not only provides information on the schedule of all the exams of bise Sargodha boards but also helps the students to prepare for the exams of 2nd years as per the announced schedule.

About intermediate part 2

The board did not announce the Intermediate Part II Debt Sheet 2021 in April. The board exams were initially delayed due to the implementation of the lockdown but were later canceled till June 15.

Education responsibilities and activities

The Sargodha Board has various responsibilities including registration of new candidates, the commencement of examinations, and announcement of annual results of Class XII. In addition, the board assists all of its students in exam matters. Students can contact the board officials through the contact information provided by the Sargodha Board.

bise sargodha boards history

BISE Sargodha was established below the Asian country Board of Education Ordinance 1968. The board was established in 1968 and conducts annual admittance and intermediate examinations. There are units of completely different districts below the Sargodha Board like Sargodha, Khushab, Mianwali, and Bhakkar. the bulk of personal and regular students take the annual SSC and HSSC examinations annually.


BISE سرگودھا بورڈ کے انٹر سالانہ امتحانات 2021 جولائی 2021 سے شروع ہوں گے۔ PBCC کے شیڈول کے مطابق، انٹر 11ویں کلاس کے امتحانات 12 اگست 2021 سے شروع ہوں گے اور 12ویں کلاس کے امتحانات 10 جولائی 2021 سے شروع ہوں گے۔

Date sheet of 12th class

Physiology. Business. Statistics dib/. Alam/Fazil.(Urdu, Persian,Arabic, Punjabi)Statistics.
Chemistry. Philosophy. Geology.Outlines of Home Economics. Adib/Alam/. Fazil(Urdu, Persian),Arabic, Punjabi)Chemistry.History (Tareekh e Islam)
(Baghdad-ki-Khilafat Banu Abbas) History (Tareekh e Islam)
(Undlas Mein Musalmano Ki Hukumat)History (Tareekh e Pakistan)
(1947-1973 A.D)History (Tareekh Islami Hind)
(1526-1857 A.D)History (Tareekh e Jadeed Dunya).
(1945-1975 A.D) .Islamic History & Culture
Civics >Banking.Computer Studies>Adib/Alam/Fazil(Urdu,Persian,Arabic,Punjabi)(Computer Science)
Education .Commercial Geography (Adib/Alam/Fazil)(Urdu,Persian,Arabic,Punjabi)(Education)
Punjabi. Arabic.Adib/Alam/Fazil(Urdu,Persian,Arabic,Punjabi)Persian English Advanced Urdu Elective
Physics >Health & Physical EducationPhysics .Health & Physical Education
Islamic Studies.Principles of Accounting.(Islamic Studies)(Islamic Studies Group)(Islamic Studies)
Economics > Military Science(Sociology)
Mathematics .Biology .Geography .(Adib/Alam/Fazil)(Urdu,Persian,Arabic,Punjabi)Mathematics >Biology >Library Science .Fine Arts
2nd years date sheet

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