Computer Science Notes BS English 3rd Semester 2023

BS English Third Semester Computer Science Notes 2023. PDF of the BS Computer Notes Annual Paper for BS English III (2023). Annual Past Paper 2023 for BS Computer Science Notes, BS Notes for BS English Students, BSC Notes 2023, and BS Notes. Students who desire to work in the IT and technological fields can enroll in the three-year BSc Computer Science program, which teaches the fundamentals of computer science. BS English Third Semester Computer Science Notes 2023.

BS English Third Semester Notes on Computer Science 2023

Students may apply for this specialized course if they received at least a 50% grade in the Science stream of their Class 12 (PCM). Following a BSc in Computer Science, you can choose to take an MBA program.

Midterm Annual Paper For BS English Students In Computer Science

3rd semester BS English and Computer Science Mid Term Paper (Download pdf)

Midterm Annual Paper For BS English Students In Computer Science

  • BS Computer Science Final Term Paper – 3rd Semester – BS English  (Download pdf)

BS Computer Science Outline – Studies of Scheme BS English (All Semester 2023 Pdf )

                                                    (Download )


SEMESTER-WISE 4-YEAR PLAN (CH means Credit Hours)
CodesSemester 1CHCodesSemester 2CH
BCS-101Introduction to Computing4BCS-111Discrete Structures3
BCS-102Programming Fundamentals4BCS-112Object Oriented Programming3
BCS-103Calculus and Analytical Geometry3BCS-113Multivariable Calculus3
BCS-104Pakistan Studies and Islamic Studies3BCS-114Probability and Statistics3
BCS-105English-I (Functional English)3BCS-115English-II  (Technical and Report Writing Skills)3
  Total Credit Hours17Total Credit Hours15
CodesSemester 3CHCodesSemester 4CH
BCS-201Digital Logic and Design3BCS-211Operating Systems4
BCS-202Data Structures and Algorithms3BCS-212Differential Equations3
BCS-203Linear Algebra3BCS-213Introduction to Database Systems4
BCS-204English-III (Communication Skills)3BCS-214Introduction to Software Engineering3
BCS-205Electromagnetism3BCS-215Computer Organization and Assembly Language3
BCS-206University Elective I3   
 Total Credit Hours18Total Credit Hours17
CodesSemester 5CHCodesSemester 6CH
BCS-301Computer Communication and Networks3BCS-311Compiler Construction3
BCS-302Theory of Automata & Formal Languages3BCS-312CS Elective I3
BCS-303Computer Architecture3BCS-313Numerical Computations3
BCS-304Human-Computer Interaction3BCS-314Design and Analysis of Algorithms3
BCS-305University Elective II3BCS-315CS Elective II3
BCS-306University Elective III3BCS-316University  Elective IV3
 Total Credit Hours18Total Credit Hours18
CodesSemester 7CHCodesSemester 8CH
BCS-401Software Design  Project I3BCS-411Software Design Project II3
BCS-402Professional Practices3BCS-412CS Elective V3
BCS-403CS Elective III3BCS-413CS Elective VI3
BCS-404CS Elective IV3BCS-414CS Elective VII3
BCS-405Artificial Intelligence3   
 Total Credit Hours15Total Credit Hours12

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