CPL 2022 Schedule, Team, Venue, Time Table, PDF, Points Table, Ranking & Winning Prediction

The West Indies – CPL 2022 will take place from August 31 through September 30, 2022. CPL Limited will manage the 2022 Caribbean Premier League (CPLT20). The CPL 2022 will begin on August 31, 2022, at 7:00 PM IST in St. Kitts and Nevis with a match between the defending champion St. Kitts & Nevis Patriots Men and Jamaica Tallawahs Men. You can obtain the CPL 2022 schedule, team, venue, format, ticket, timetable, PDF, points table, ranking, and winning prediction from this article.

CPL 2022 Schedule

Below is the CPL 2022 Schedule. There are a total of 30 leagues and 4 knockout matches. The below timings are in Central European Time (CET) which is GMT-4.

The 2022 Caribbean Premier League matches are scheduled:

2022 Caribbean Premier League matches scheduled:

DateMatch CentreVenueTime(CET)
31-Aug-22SKNP VS JTSt Kitts7:00 PM
01-Sep-22SLK VS TKRSt Kitts10:00 AM
01-Sep-22SKNP VS BRSt Kitts7:00 PM
03-Sep-22JT VS GAWSt Kitts10:00 AM
03-Sep-22SKNP VS TKRSt Kitts7:00 PM
04-Sep-22BR VS SLKSt Kitts10:00 AM
04-Sep-22SKNP VS GAWSt Kitts7:00 PM
07-Sep-22BR VS TKRSt Lucia10:00 AM
07-Sep-22SLK Men VS JTSt Lucia7:00 PM
08-Sep-22GAW VS SKNPSt Lucia10:00 AM
08-Sep-22SLK VS BRSt Lucia7:00 PM
10-Sep-22JT VS TKRSt Lucia10:00 AM
10-Sep-22SLK VS GAWSt Lucia7:00 PM
11-Sep-22JT VS BRSt Lucia10:00 AM
11-Sep-22SLK VS SKNPSt Lucia7:00 PM
13-Sep-22TKR VS BRTrinidad7:00 PM
14-Sep-22JT VS SKNPTrinidad10:00 AM
14-Sep-22TKR VS GAWTrinidad7:00 PM
15-Sep-22BR VS JTTrinidad10:00 AM
17-Sep-22SKNP VS SLKTrinidad10:00 AM
17-Sep-22TKR VS JTTrinidad7:00 PM
18-Sep-22BR VS GAWTrinidad10:00 AM
18-Sep-22TKR VS SLKTrinidad7:00 PM
21-Sep-22BR VS SKNPGuyana10:00 AM
21-Sep-22GAW VS JTGuyana7:00 PM
22-Sep-22TKR VS SKNPGuyana10:00 AM
22-Sep-22GAW VS SLKGuyana7:00 PM
24-Sep-22GAW VS TKRGuyana7:00 PM
25-Sep-22JT VS SLKGuyana10:00 AM
25-Sep-22GAW VS BRGuyana7:00 PM

The Caribbean Premier League (CPLT20) 2022 knockout matches schedule:

DateMatch CentreVenueTime(CET)
27-SepQualifier 1Guyana10:00 AM
27-Sep-22EliminatorGuyana7:00 PM
28-Sep-22Qualifier 2Guyana7:00 PM
30-Sep-22FinalGuyana7:00 PM

CPL Format 2022

CPL, often known as CPLT20 format, is Twety20. In this competition, there will be league and elimination rounds.

CPL 2022 Team:

The Caribbean Premier League, or CPL 2022, will feature 6 teams.

Team Name
Barbados Royals (BR)
Guyana Amazon Warriors (GAJ)
Jamaica Tallawahs (JT)
St Kitts & Nevis Patriots (SKNP)
Saint Lucia Kings (SLK)
Trinbago Knight Riders (TKR)

CPL 2022 Venue

Below is the West Indies – Caribbean Premier League – CPL 2022 venue.

St Kitts & Nevis
Saint Lucia

PDF CPL 2022 To use offline, download the West Indies-Caribbean Premier League-CPL 2022 PDF.

Get the CPL 2022 PDF.

CPL Tickets 2022

To purchase CPL 2022 tickets, visit the Caribbean Premier League’s (CPL) official website.

Visit the CPL’s official ticket page at https://www.ilmswap.com

Table of CPL 2022 Points

The CPL 2022 points chart is shown below. The top four teams in the points standings will compete to advance to the championship game.

1Barbados Royals – – – – – –
2Guyana Amazon Warriors – – – – – –
3Jamaica Tallawahs – – – – – –
4St Kitts & Nevis Patriots – – – – – –
5Saint Lucia Kings – – – – – –
6Trinbago Knight Riders – – – – – –

CPL 2022 Teams Ranking

Team NameRanking
Trinbago Knight Riders1
Guyana Amazon Warriors2
St Kitts and Nevis Patriots3
St Lucia Kings4
Jamaica Tallawahs5
Barbados Royals6

The Caribbean Premier League (CPL) Winners

2021St Kitts & Nevis Patriots
2020Trinbago Knight Riders
2019Barbados Tridents
2018Trinbago Knight Riders
2017Trinbago Knight Riders
2016Jamaica Tallawahs

Winning Prediction for CPL 2022

St. Kitts & Nevis Patriots squad won in 2021 and appears in good shape for 2022. Guyana Amazon Warriors and Trinbago Knight Riders likewise placed first in the points standings. It’s too early to predict the outcome, so keep checking back as the game progresses. We’ll keep posting a more accurate forecast of the CPL 2022 winner.

FAQs CPL 2022

beginning of the Caribbean Premier League in 2022?

The CPL runs from Tuesday, August 30, 2022, through Friday, September 30, 2022.

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