CSS Exams Pakistan 2023, Info Guide + Eligibility Criteria

Central Superior Service is referred to as CSS. It is an exam that instructs the candidate to obtain a position with the government.

The Federal Public Service Commission in Pakistan conducts the CSS test to find qualified applicants for positions with the federal government. It is a test that is also competitive. People are motivated to succeed since passing this exam is a significant step toward a better future.

For this exam, applicants come from all around the world. Ilmswap.com is providing this content for your information. They want to land a high-level position in the government or another bureau.

A bachelor’s degree holder who has at least earned a 2nd division would be qualified to take the CSS exam.

The age range for candidates for the CSS exams is 21 to 30. Before taking tests, students must diligently study for at least one to two years.
There is a widespread belief that CSS examinations are challenging. However, those that are prepared and eager to succeed can easily achieve success.
Your beginning compensation or income will be 60,000 or possibly more once you have passed the CSS exam. It depends on the kind of job position. Not entirely. Until retirement, the student in the 17th grade is also entitled to a vehicle and a home. At work, there is a particular staff with which to deal.

For everyone, working as a civil official in Pakistan is a prestigious position.

Amounts are allocated based on the data. The higher place you can achieve depends on how many numbers you have. For each region, a quota system is in place. You’ll be hired for various positions in accordance with that quota.

Prior to the trial, you must have a well-thought-out plan in place for your CSS exam preparation. Students can then successfully pass the exam on their first try. Ilmkhoj.com is providing this content for your information. Start your studies at least two or three years in advance so that you can thoroughly understand everything that will be included in the exam.

This is the introductory manual for

Pakistani CSS written examination

Every year in February, the Central Superior Services (CSS) Emotional Examinations (CE) are administered by the Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) for the purpose of recruiting candidates for BS-17 posts in the following 12 professional groups and services under the Federal Government. Shortlisted candidates will subsequently be called for written vivas and medical and psychological exams. The CSS exam’s particular requirements, including its age restriction and the minimum academic qualifications for qualified applicants, must be understood by pupils.

  • Pakistan Administrative Services
  • Foreign Service of Pakistan
  • Police Service of Pakistan
  • Pakistan Audit and Accounts Service
  • Commerce and Trade Services
  • Customs and Excise Services
  • Office Management Group
  • Income Tax Group
  • Information Group
  • Military Lands and Cantonments Groups
  • Postal Services Group
  • Railways Group

In a total of 23 Pakistani cities, the CSS written test is held:

A Second Division or Grade C Bachelor’s degree in one of the faculties of a Pakistani university, or a degree equivalent from a foreign institution accredited by the Higher Education Commission, is the minimum requirement for CSS. The participants taking the CSS exam must also be Pakistani citizens, according to the exam’s schedule. CSS requirements carry 600 points. There will be two pamphlets, each for 100 points, totaling 200 points for each subject. A leaflet will accompany other articles. Candidates will not be permitted to take the remaining examination papers if they choose not to take any of the required subjects. Candidates must select optional subjects with a combined grade point average of at least

  1. Karachi
  2. Lahore
  3. Okara
  4. Rawalpindi
  5. Sargodha
  6. D. G. Khan
  7. Faisalabad
  8. D. I. Khan
  9. Gujranwala
  10. Sialkot
  11. Multan
  12. Gilgit
  13. Khuzdar
  14. Muzaffarabad
  15. Quetta
  16. Larkana
  17. Sukkur
  18. Hyderabad
  19. Islamabad
  20. Peshawar
  21. Abbottabad
  22. Bahawalpur
  23. Skardu

candidates who are working for the government right now and have been there for at least two years. A candidate will be granted this age exemption upon presentation of a departmental permit. The WAPDA, regulatory agencies, autonomous bodies, and employees of banks are not eligible for age discounts.
Candidates from the mentioned castes and the Buddhist community must abide by the rules set forth by the District Magistrate, Political Agent, and DCO.
Candidates from recognized tribes who are long-term residents of Balochistan, DI Khan’s Tribal Areas, Peshawar Division (including the formerly excluded (Baloch) Area that is a part of Dera Ghazi Khan and Rajanpur Districts, Former Tribal Areas of Mardan and Hazara Division, Upper Dir, Swat, Chitral, and Amb, and Upper

Candidates from the Azad Kashmir region must provide a certificate from the Kashmir Affairs Division in order to be considered. Subject to the granting of a certificate issued by a District Magistrate, Political Agent, or DCO, Gilgit-Baltistan includes Gilgit, Diamer, Baltistan, Ghizr, and Ghanche.
Candidates who have a disability, such as a physical impairment, hearing or speech impairment (deaf and dumbness), or visual impairment (blindness), as determined by the appropriate authority designated by the federal or provincial government. is contingent upon the filing of a certificate.

The authenticity of the academic documents that prospective applicants have supplied, as well as the compliance of their schools, colleges, and HEC with the CSS eligibility requirements in Pakistan, are requirements for those who seek to sit for the CSS exam. are ready to abide by. Each September, an advertisement for the CSS exam called Shining Dates appears in every newspaper.

The CSS exam will be for these 12 departments of the federal government

  • Trade in goods and services
  • services for customs and excise
  • Service of Pakistan Police
  • Audit and Accounts Service of Pakistan
  • Group Office Management
  • income tax division
  • information gathering
  • Administrative Services in Pakistan
  • The Foreign Service of Pakistan
  • Groups of military lands and cantonments
  • Group for Postal Services
  • Train Group

The CSS Examination is divided into the following 4 parts:

medical evaluation psychological assessment written assessment (1200 Total Marks)

the voice (300 Marks)

Sr NoMerit/Region QuotaQuota Percentage
1Punjab (including federal areas of Islamabad)50%
2Sindh (including Karachi)19%
3Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (NWFP)11.5%
4Balochistan (NWFP)6%
5Northern areas and federally administrated tribal areas (FATA)4%
6Azad Kashmir2%

Candidate advice includes:

Deposit Rs. 250 as the exam fee in the nearest Government Treasury, State Bank of Pakistan, or National Bank of Pakistan before the deadline under the account heading “C02101-Organs of State Exam fee (FPSC Receipt),” and present the original challan form to the testing location.
Visit the FPSC website, www.fpsc.gov.pk, to download admission certificates that were generated by computer. No notification through the mail shall be sent in this regard, etc.
Online registration for the MPT exam does not require the production of a paper copy.

Please be aware that once an exam location has been chosen, it cannot be modified. After then, no request in this regard will be granted.

Complete the online form’s CNIC Number and Date of Birth fields accurately. Incorrect entry could result in rejection.

The deadline

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