GC University Lahore Merit List 2023

Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan’s Government College Institution is a public research university. It was founded in 1861 as a Government College in India by the British government, and it began classes in 1864. As a result, with a student body of over 12,000, it has grown to be one of the top ten largest institutions in Pakistan since receiving university status in 2002. However, it has 32 academic departments that are split among 5 faculties. Therefore, there are five research institutions that concentrate on projects for both academic and commercial development.

Notes: Admission to GC University Lahore in 2021 will begin on July 29th, and the merit list will be posted online in June. Visit our page for the most recent information.

The Higher Education Commission (HEC) awarded the university second place in the general category in 2013. As a result, with an average graduation rate of 94.6% per year, it has the highest rate in the nation. Government College University is renowned for its historical roots and draws eminent academics like poet-philosopher Allama Muhammad Iqbal, Nobel laureate Har Gobind Khurana, Abdus Salam, and Muhammad Zafar Ullah Khan, a former president of the International Court of Justice and the General Assembly of the United Nations. Therefore, Bilal U Haq, the French geologist who won the Prestwich Prize, the award-winning academic and writer team of Bano Qudsia and Ashfaq Ahmed, and many more came to the institute to study and become alumni.


The British Raj first gave its approval for the founding of a Central College in Lahore in 1856, provided that the faculty members were from Oxford University, Cambridge University, Dublin University HC, or Durham University. In 1861, Dr. Gottlieb, a professor of Arabic and Islamic law at King’s College London, founded Government College. Wilhelm Leitner’s Brahma University was “briefly connected” with Gottlieb at that time. Thus, on January 1, 1864, the institution, an associated college of the University of Calcutta, opened its doors in the Raja Dhyan Singh Haveli palace inside the Walled City of Lahore.

Dr. Gottlieb Wilhelm Leitner, whose name is closely linked to the college, served as its first president. But Leitner played a crucial role in establishing the Panjab University in Lahore in 1882. The college will then have a 115-year affiliation with Panjab University. Therefore, the Government College was given complete autonomy and status as a degree-granting institution by the Government of Punjab in 1997.

The college relocated to a sizable bungalow close to Anarkali Bazar in April 1871. However, Rahim Khan’s Kothi was chosen as the new location in 1873 due to the rapidly rising student population. In 1876, it relocated to the current structure.

Old Campus

The Mall in Downtown Lahore is bordered by the main commercial and administrative districts, educational institutions, and the former Panjab University campus. It is situated at the intersection of Lahore and Lower Mall. However, the Main building, designed by So Purdon, cost Rs. 320,000 and was finished in 1877. A 176′ tall bell tower is thus located in the middle of the main structure. The main structure was constructed during the colonial era and features a large number of verandahs and lofty ceilings, adhering to the Neo-Gothic style.

Kala Shah Kaku Campus

The university’s Kala Shah Kaku campus, often known as the GCU KSK campus, was officially opened on August 24, 2019. However, the 370-acre complex can house 25,000 students, 1 250 professors, and 650 staff personnel. Therefore, there are 22 hostels that offer to lodge.

But on September 24, 2020, the new campus was formally opened to the students. Therefore, a bus shuttle service connecting the two campuses will run.

GC University Lahore Merit List 2023 2024

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