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How to register for the Ehsaas program in 2022. Find out more about the registration process and centers for the Ehsaas Kafalat Program 2022 here. Please read the entire post carefully if you wish to register and find out more about this program. As a result, the Pakistani government created a number of programs to assist needy and worthy women as the times changed. However, Prime Minister Imran Khan, this time unveiled a sizable Kafalat Package. The Ehsaas Kafalat Program 2022 is open to all Pakistanis living in any province, agency, or tribal region. In reality, Ehsaas Kafaalat is an unrestricted cash transfer program that provides 8 million of the country’s poorest women with bank accounts as well as monthly cash stipends of Rs. 2000.

How to register for the PM Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program

How may I apply for the Prime Minister’s EHSAS program?
Who qualifies for the EHSAS program?
I want to enroll in an ehsaas program.

What paperwork is needed for the ehsaas program?

Each of the 12 million families (72 million people) will receive Rs. 12,000 in this programme. The price of 144 billion rupees in total

Ehsaas program 2022 

The PM Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program Application Process for 2022

  • Without a dash, text the number on your ID card to 8171. By approving your claim, the government will attempt to make your life easier.
  • Give the needy CNIC number 8171.

The 10 million are divided into three categories.

Ehsaas program

(1) 4.5 million existing Ehsas Kafaalat beneficiaries (all women) already getting Rs. 2000 will get extra Rs. 1000 emergency relief (total=Rs.3000) for the next 4months

SMS Process for the Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program in English and Urdu

Step 1:

  • Send your CNIC number to 8171

آپ کو اپنا شناختی کارڈ نمبر 8171 پر ایس ایم ایس کرنا ہے

Step 2:

Your CNIC number is not qualified for the Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program, according to a notice that you will see if CNIC is valid or not.

If your ID card number is eligible for Ehsaas emergency program then you will automatically be transferred to the next step and if your Shanakhi card number is not eligible then you will be informed through a message.

Step 3:

The applicant will be notified through SMS if he is blocked as a result of sanity profiling; else, the process will continue.

If the request is rejected due to wrong profiling, it will be informed through such a message otherwise it will be moved to the next step.

Step 4:

You will be informed through SMS that you are ineligible for the Ehsas Emergency Cash Programme if you or your spouse works for the government. If you are not, you go to the next step.

If you or your spouse is a government employee then you are not eligible for Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program you will be informed through SMS and you will proceed to the next step.

Step 5:

If the CNIC number is present in the NSER database and is eligible for the Ehsaas Emergency Cash Program, you will be informed through SMS and how to receive the cash grant.

Step 6:

If your identity card number is not available in Naseer’s database, you will be informed through a message and you will have to contact the regional office to apply for Take-Ap Ehsaas Cash Program.

Entrants must text their ID card number, without a dash, to 8171. I’ll let you know in response.

  1. 1 You have been registered
  2. 2 Contact the administration
  3. 3 You don’t deserve this program

Contact your village council secretary or the office of the tehsil if you receive a contact message from the administration (AC Office),

Please be advised that you are required to deliver this message to the needy, deserving, and underprivileged individuals in your town and neighborhood.

If you have any questions about the Ehsaas Program, please post them in the comments section.

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