I.Com Part 2 English Pairing Scheme 2023 Punjab Board

2023 Punjab Board I.Com Part 2 English Pairing Scheme. Candidates can access the second-year Pairing Scheme from this platform if they are preparing for the I.Com Part 2 yearly exams. The candidate can select from a variety of study groups in Intermediate. For each study group, board representatives give a pairing structure so that students can best prepare for the test. 2023 Punjab Board I.Com Part 2 English Pairing Scheme. The major goal of offering a pairing program is to assist students in concentrating on their academics and thoroughly preparing for annual exams. The partnering system directs pupils and guarantees greater topic preparation. 2023 Punjab Board I.Com Part 2 English Pairing Scheme.

Punjab Board I.Com Part 2 Pairing Scheme 2023

The matching system is crucial for the students since it gives them a thorough understanding of the chapters and paper patterns that are provided. The matching strategy is provided for both the article’s objective and thematic sections so that the applicants can give each equal consideration. Check our Class 12 English Pairing Scheme 2023 in preparation for the upcoming Intermediate Part II board exams.

The Smart Syllabus will be used for the Class XII annual examinations this year, thus applicants should plan accordingly. Through this portal, candidates can also check second-year peering schemes for other disciplines like Chemistry, Mathematics, and Urdu. Stay tuned and check out the most recent updates to learn more about the English Peering Scheme for the 12th Class in 2023.

“Keep in mind that the pure study pairings for the 12th class change year. Every year, paper is produced in accordance with the new Schedule. As a result, this Schedule only applies to the year 2023. The following year, I’ll update this page for 2024.

English Pairing Scheme for I.Com Part 2 by Punjab Board in 2023

After the date list is revealed, they adhere to the schedule. A data table is necessary for students and can be used to plan the full schedule. The schedule for the 2023 11th grade exams is eagerly awaited by the class of 2023. It is advised that students get in touch with ilmswap.com for all the most recent information on the timetable and its yearly tests. Online access makes it simple for students to check their unofficial timetable so they can get started on the yearly exam preparation. One month prior to the yearly exam, the official date table is largely changed. Students must continue to check our website for updates on tests and scheduling. Educatehell.com is our page’s official website.

Class 12 English Paper Scheme

OBJECTIVE TYPE                         TIME 30 MIN                                   MARKS: 20

Q.1:Book-1 Modern prose and heroes part -13 synonyms
 Book-I Modern Prose and Heroes Part – II3 synonyms
 Goodbye Mr. Chips4 synonyms
 Choose correct sentence5
Book Two Lesson No. 1, 31
Book Two Lesson No. 5,71
Book Two Lesson No. 91
Book Two Lesson No.111
Book Two Lesson No.141
Book Two Lesson No.151
Mr. Chips Lesson 1 – 51
Mr. Chips Lesson 6 -101
Mr. Chips Lesson 11-182
PART – I  
LESSON NO. 1:Page No. 3Q.N0. 1 TO 8  Page No.3
LESSON NO. 3:       Page No. 8- 12Q.No. 1-7 Page No.12
LESSON NO. 5:Page No. 16- 19Q.No.1-9 Page No. 19
LESSON NO. 7:Page No. 24 – 27Q.No. 1-6 Page No.27
LESSON NO. 9:Page No. 33 – 37Q.No. 1- 9 Page No.37
LESSON NO. 11Page No.45- 47Q.No. 1 – 8 Page No.47
LESSON NO. 14Page No. 66-74Q.No. 1 – 9 Page No.74
LESSON NO. 15Page No. 75 – 82Q.No. 1 – 9 Page No.82


  • This Novel will be taught completely
  • Question will be devised from all the eighteen chapters of the novel
Why I love Pakistan 
Corona Pandemic in PakistanMost Important
Technical education 
Computer a blessing or a course 
Importance of Muslim unityMost Important
Drug addicting 
Women’s place in our societyMost Important
My Favorite Personality 
Education In WomenMost Important
Rising prices/Inflation 
CorruptionMost Important
Curbing child abuseMost Important
A Cricket Match 
Life in Big city 


  • Correction of common errors in parts of speech
  • Use of preposition
  • Use of Idioms/phrases
  • Translation of unseen passage Urdu to English

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