NED Entry Test 2023 Pattern past papers and Merit

NED 2023 Pattern Past Papers and Merit Entry Test. Thus, one of the first universities in Pakistan to educate engineering and generate engineering graduates is NED University. The University of NED is essential in ensuring that students receive the proper education. The following engineering programs are available to qualified students at NED UET.

Vehicle Engineering

Engineering, Chemical

Engineering, Civil

Building Engineering

Engineering of computer and information systems engineering, electrical Computer Engineering Engineering for Industry and Manufacturing Materials Science Automotive Engineering Engineering in Metallurgy Energy Engineering Engineering with Polymers and Petrochemicals Software Development Engineering in Telecommunications Engineering in Textiles engineering in cities.


For some categories in physics, chemistry, and math or physics, chemistry, and biology, the applicant must pass the HSC or Foreign Equivalent Examination with an overall grade of 60% of atheists. Candidates must submit the IBCC Certificate of Equivalence if they have passed the foreign examination. and have successfully completed the pre-admission test with a minimum overall score of 50%.

NED Entry Test 2023 Pattern past papers and Merit

There will be a pre-admission test at the NED UET main campus, but no specific notice will be given for it. The merit position is determined without taking the pre-admission test into consideration. If there is a tie in merit, the tie will be broken by a position pre-admission test.

This website contains details about the date pattern, weighting, and sample paper for the NED University entrance exam in 2023. Candidates may take this entry test if they have submitted their undergraduate admission forms to NED Karachi. All of these pupils are currently anticipating the 6th September 2023 NED admission test date. If candidates wish to get admitted, taking the test is crucial and very vital. Although in the instance of

Pattern past papers and Merit

To ensure that you are the only person requiring this intake, you must continue reading this article in its entirety. Keep in mind that you must adhere to the schedule because it will be displayed along with the NED University Karachi 2023 merit list. All candidates whose names appear on this list are responsible for paying the fees and other obligations.

Admissions to undergraduate programmes are being offered by the NED University of Engineering and Technology in Karachi. An entrance exam must be taken by students. You can find the date, format, and weighting for the NED University admittance test on this page. Additionally, you must obtain a sample paper before completing yours.

NED Entry Test 2023 Pattern past papers and Merit 2024

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