NUST Merit List 2023 for Engineering

Islamabad, Pakistan’s National University of Science and Technology (NUST). The university grants professional and doctoral degrees in addition to undergraduate and graduates degrees. It was initially founded in 1991 in conjunction with Engineering College. And the Pakistani Armed Forces School to accommodate newly appointed officers. To advance science and technology in Pakistan, it later becomes a public research university with the main campus in Islamabad.

Using the American university paradigm, NUST promises to deliver top-notch technical education for Pakistan’s quick industrialization. and placing a focus on instruction in laboratories for engineering and applied science. Since then, it has become increasingly important in the development of mathematics and engineering education standardization. One of the most esteemed schools of higher learning in Pakistan, and technology, and is well known for its innovation and academic strength. The university is currently building a National Science Park that has been recognized by the International Association of Science Parks (IASP).


In 1991, NUST is created by fusing educational resources from the military and the civilian sector. Following development, the old military academies were transformed into the National University of Science and Technology’s component colleges. MCS was the first college to join forces with NUST in 1991. Following the university’s chartering in 1993, CEME and MCE were integrated into it. So CAE and PNEC joined NUST in December 1994 and November 1995, respectively. All constituent colleges underwent improvements in September 1997, and CAE launched MS programmes. As a result, PNEC launched an MS program in 1998. AMC also started offering a bachelor’s in dental surgery.

However, in 1999, the NUST Business School (NBS, formerly NIMS), the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (SEECS), and CEME and CAE all received ISO 9001 accreditation. One of Pakistan’s most prestigious engineering colleges, the School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering (SMME), provides degrees in mechanical and biomedical engineering.

NUST had more than 15,000 full-time students enrolled as of 2016, as well as more than 20 departments and more than 1,280 teachers and staff. It is ranked by QS World Rankings as one of the top 4000 universities in the world and among the top 50 universities under the age of 50. It is the top university in Pakistan, per the 2021 QS World Ranking. Additionally, according to QS, it is among the top 300 electrical engineers worldwide and in the top 500 in both business research and mathematics.

NUST Merit List 2023

Singapore University of Technology is ranked among the top 100 universities in the BRIC nations and emerging economies, the top 120 in Asia, and the top 250 in the category of electrical engineering in the Times Higher Education Rankings. In 2016, Time Magazine named it as one of the top 50 young universities in the world. NUST belongs to the Talloires Network, United Nations Academic Influence, and Association of Commonwealth Universities.

For the benefit of all parties involved, the final merit list is posted on the NUST website, located at Posts on our website for all undergraduate programs that have achieved merit (NET and SAT) (less applicable biosciences). 2021 NIST University Entrance Examination Results For immediate access to your NUST University entrance test results 2023, keep checking this website.

NUST Entry Test Result 2023

Similar to the Korean Academy of Science and Technology, NUST is the first model university established by the Ministry of Science and Technology. More over 7,000 students are enrolled, including 884 graduate students and 102 international students. More than 70,000 applicants submitted applications for the NUST undergraduate program in 2015. There are 675 full-time faculty members at NUST, 17 of whom are from foreign universities. A large number of professors and lecturers also serve as members of NUST’s guest faculty. Additionally, NUST hosted lecturers on reciprocal visits from colleges all around the world.

The output of the NET 2023 (Series 1) uploads between January 15 and January 27, 2023. To view the results, please enter your NUST roll number and image code and click search. You entered an invalid code. Results description after upload: NET was held in three cities: Islamabad (NIST Campus), Karachi, and Quetta. This document contains the results of the NET 2023 (Series 1) uploads. The test is administered using a computer in Islamabad.

NUST UG Result 2023

Training military medics became one of the first duties of the new administration after Pakistan gained independence in 1947. The Military Signal Academy becomes the Signal Academy in 1947. To train soldiers in engineering, the Military Engineering Academy (SME) is founded in Sialkot a year later, in 1948. Military Engineering College (MCE) was established in 1951 and relocated to its current site in Risalpur. The EME School is founded in Quetta on April 1st, and in 1969 it was given university status (CEME) and allowed to admit civilians. So PNEC is founded in Karachi in 1962.

The Academy of Aeronautical Engineering (CAE) was established in Korangi Creek, Karachi, in 1965 to provide training for Pakistan Air Force personnel. The Army Medical College (AMC) was founded as the name of the medical school in 1976, and the first MBBS course there began in 1977. Thus, the Signal Academy became an academy that same year. When CEME launched its BSc program in 1981, it was granted university status. A few months later, in April 1984, CEME relocated from Quetta to Rawalpindi, where it is now. CAE was moved to the PAF College in Risalpur in May 1986.

Admission Probability Calculator for NUST Engineering Colleges

NUST NET 1, NET 2, and NET 3 Entry Test Results in 2023 Merit List for Admission in Various Undergraduate and Postgraduate Subjects is posted here. To view the results, enter your NUST roll number or fee invoice number and click search. The merit list will be uploaded in no less than seven days, but no less than one or two weeks.

To determine your overall score and merit for admission to NUST’s engineering programs and those of all of its consultant colleges, including SEECS, SMME, CEME, CAE, and MCS, check the results of the NUST Entry Test online. There are campuses at NUST Islamabad in Rawalpindi, Risalpur, and Karachi as well. Both gifted and financially struggling students are given various forms of financial assistance and incentives by the university.

NUST Merit List 2024 for Engineering

Keep in mind that the NUST Merit List 2024 for Engineering is subject to annual modification. Every year, paper is produced in accordance with the new Session. This meeting is therefore for the year 2024. The following year, we will update this website for 2024.

NUST Merit List 2024 for Engineering

Keep in mind that every year, the University Of NUST Merit List 2024 for Engineering changes. Every year, the merit list is created in accordance with the new Session. This merit list is therefore for the year 2024. The following year, we will update this website for 2025.

NUST Merit List 2025 for Engineering

It’s important to keep in mind that the University Of NUST Merit List 2025 for Engineering is updated annually. Every year, the merit list is created in accordance with the new Session. As a result, the year covered by this merit list is 2025. The following year, we will update this website for 2025.

NUST Merit List 2023 for Engineering 2024

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