QAU Entry Test 2023 Pattern weightage past papers aggregate and Merit

Pattern-weighted former exams from the QAU Entry Test 2023 aggregate and merit. The Pakistan Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education’s HSSC (Intermediate Part-I) test has been passed by a person. Or at the very least from any other recognised board (temporary admission with 50% in all subjects or equivalent grade). The following restrictions apply to the BS/LLB programme of study: Pattern-weighted former exams from the QAU Entry Test 2023 aggregate and merit.

After being chosen, the student must pay the fees or dues within the allotted period on the university account. following selection and payment of charges and fees into the university account. A minimum score of 50 is required to pass the Intermediate Part II exam for the student. If you received less than 50% on your Intermediate Part II exam, your admission will be deemed void. following selection and payment of any outstanding balance on the University’s account. if the pupil declares a failure on the Intermediate Part-II test.


Under no circumstances will it reimburse applicable securities, fees, or dues, with the exception of refundable securities. following the selection and the crediting of fees and charges to the university account. The student must deposit half of the intermediate fee. I passed the result card at the relevant department, organisation, centre, school, or admissions section within the allotted time. Admission to the Center / Admission Section will be deemed cancelled. The assignment outlined in Section 8 of the Rules must be submitted by students who are awaiting results. Visit our website,, for any information.

QAU Entry Test 2023 Pattern weightage past papers aggregate and Merit


The following will disqualify you from entering the BS/Pharm-D/LLB programme: –

those who failed in accordance with Section 7(c)(i)(a) of this university’s examination rules. Those who have terminated their enrollment at this institution in accordance with section 7(c)(i)(b) of the examination regulations (QAU prospectus). Those who currently hold BS, Pharm-D, LLB, or equivalent degrees from this or any other university. (QAU prospectus)

These are already outlined in this university’s policies.

those that the university has expelled for disciplinary reasons.

Pharm-D, LLB, and BS programmes (either regular or other). To any student with a BS or an equivalent degree, in any of the teaching departments, centres, institutions, or schools of the university. Admission will not be granted based on the ability to pay.

A formal request to rescind admission must be made to


How to Apply

You can download an application for admission from QAU’s website (click here to download) for 2000 or less with a challan from Habib Bank Ltd. or Askari Bank Ltd. There are no admission forms available on the QAU campus. Therefore, it is requested that applicants submit it to Habib Bank Limited or Askari Bank Limited in favour of the university’s treasurer, in Islamabad (with bank charges across the country). Non-refundable) The downloadable entry form must be included in the bank challan along with the other necessary documents; otherwise, the application will not be taken into consideration.

Equivalence Certificates And Conversion Of Grades Into Marks

Applicants with foreign certificates need to change the equivalence certificates and grades in the Inter-Board Committee of Chairman (IBCC) marks for Matric and Intermediate levels.

Admissions on Regular (Regional Quota) and Self-Finance Basis

Admission on regular basis (general fee) given strictly on merit subject to provincial/regional quota. A limited number of seats in all the above subjects, irrespective of provincial/regional quota, will fill on merit basis only merit basis. Merit will calculate in the ratio of 30:70 ie 30% weightage for matriculation marks and 70% weightage for intermediate marks without giving any credit to the score in the entrance test.

Entry Tests

The following disciplines require entrance exams for all applicants seeking admission. At the time and location specified below.
Therefore, candidates must be eligible for the mandatory entrance exam. However, the results of this test will only be used to select candidates; they will not be used to determine merit. Therefore, only those who qualify for the entrance exam will be given consideration for admission. But who will be chosen based solely on their own merit, without any help from others? Test results are therefore something that candidates who are taking the entrance exam must bring. But for identification, in addition to the original CNIC and the admission form receipt.

Reserved Seats

The terms and conditions for the allotted number of reserved seats specify that they shall be filled on the basis of merit.
These are the only applicants who will be chosen for admission to BS/LLB programmes. as well as on the basis of supplying the necessary documents, that satisfied the qualifying requirements of the relevant Department.
The candidates already chosen in the merit list on a regular basis based on open merit will not be given consideration for admission to the reserved seats. However, if the applicant chooses a lower priority and does not pay the money or other dues within the allotted period, the applicant must go to the Admission Section to have his or her case reviewed for the reserved seat.

The candidate will not be accepted if they do not meet the requirements and do not provide the necessary documentation.

QAU Entry Test 2023 Pattern weightage past papers aggregate and Merit 2023

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