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Shifa Medical College is a Shifa Tamir Millat University college that accepts online admissions for MBBS, Associate Degree Programs, and Bachelors Programs. Applicants interested in studying at Shifa Medical College should read the qualifying requirements thoroughly and apply as soon as possible, rather than waiting until the deadline. Candidates who wish to apply for both categories and/or numerous programs must submit multiple/separate applications, along with the appropriate costs. Get all the information you need about Shifa Medical College Admissions 2022 Deadline, Spring/Fall Admission Schedule, Online Registration, Fee Structure, Merit List, Admission Test Schedule, Scholarship, Faculty, Ranking Hostel, and Program Details. Please take your time reading this article.


Shifa Medical College MBBS Admission Will be Started In the Month of October.

Criteria for Shifa Medical College Admission in 2022

You must visit this page for the most recent admission notices from medical universities and colleges, as well as the application deadline. As a result, you should visit our website on a regular basis, and if you have any concerns or want to offer any comments about our website and its operation, you can do so by leaving a remark below.

Admission to Al-Shifa Medical College in 2022

Shifa Medical Institution is a top-notch private sector medical college, and all of its programs are among the best in the country, if not the globe because everything is run by computers, thus it is required to study them. This college offers a wide range of services to all of its students. Candidates can get the Shifa Medical College prospectus by paying Rs. 500/- in cash at the Admission Center, or by submitting a bank draught for Rs.

Merit List of Shifa Medical College in 2022

His HAT administered the entrance exam for Shifa Medical College admissions. If you want to take the entrance exam, you can do so here.

Fee Structure for Shifa College of Medicine in 2022

On the website below, all interested candidates can quickly download the online admission form, fee structure, and advertisement. On the campus of Shifa Medical College, merit lists and waiting lists are shown simultaneously.

Shifa Tamir Millat University is now accepting applications. Thousands of kids were waiting to get admitted. Admissions are accessible to anyone, and everyone has access to an online application form. There are only a few days remaining, and you must submit your online application form as soon as possible. Late students will not be considered for admission to Shifa Tamir Millat University. On this page, we have attempted to include all current information.

Procedure for Applying Online

To complete the online application procedure, the applicant will follow the steps outlined below. Students who fail to complete the online application form will be denied admission. The screenshots of the entire operation are provided on the official website. These screenshots are also available to students on this page. Students should now follow the steps outlined below to finish the online application process.

  • Register on the official website with your email address.
  • Login ID, Password, and Sign In may all be found in your main menu.
  • Get an online application and complete it there.
  • Obtain a free voucher and deliver it to a bank branch.

Information on Admissions

Throughout the admissions process, the candidate will be able to track their application. This page contains a link, and students can also obtain it online from the form’s official page. If you’d like to check the status of your application, please use the link below.

Details of Merit

Applicants who meet the merit standards will be considered for admission. A description of general value and excellence follows. Although admission will ultimately be based on overall merit, this will be a broad norm that will be applied when applying for admission. Applicants must have received at least 60% on their prior exam. Applicants must take the admission examination.

2022 STMU MBBS/DBS Interview

Interviews will be held with students who have been chosen for admission. This will be an introduction interview during which you may be asked some general questions by the management. You simply need to be more selective in the assistance you provide to others. Students who do not attend the STMU interview will have their names removed from the merit list. Another thing to remember is to bring all of your original paperwork to the interview.

Document Information

You may recall that we discussed the online application form. When you fill out the online application form, you will be entering your official information. There will be no difficult documentation that no local student will have. These documents are organized as follows:

STMU MBBS/DBS Interviews will take place in 2022 with students who have been selected for admission. This will be an introductory interview during which the management may ask you some general questions. Simply said, you need to be more selective in your support of others. Students who fail to appear for the STMU interview will be removed from the merit list. Also, remember to bring all of your original papers with you to the interview.

Document Specifications

We have addressed the online application form. You will be inputting your official information when you fill out the online application form. There will be no complicated paperwork that no local student has. The following is how these documents are organized:

MBBS Admissions at Shifa Medical College 2022 – Apply Online 2023

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