Statistics BA part 1 (3rd Year) Guess paper 2022

Guess paper for the third-year Statistics BA part 1 in 2022. The yearly BA Part 1 examination will be held in the second year in accordance with Rawalpindi Examination Board rules. It is also in charge of retesting following the annual exam and allowing both general and private students to take these two tests. Every year in August, the board of directors releases the second-year Guess paper 2022. Candidates must get a minimum score on the yearly test in the second year in order to pass a subject. The BA part 1 ICOM will host the yearly test for the 2022 BISE Rawalpindi International Committee in July 2022, and the Guess (3rd Year) Paper will be released in September (30-09-2022). Third-year guess paper for Statistics BA part 1.

Part 1 of Statistics BA (3rd Year) Guesswork 2022:

Additionally, the Rawalpindi Committee gave trophies and monetary awards to 20 pupils who placed first. Outstanding scholarships are given to students by the Punjab Provincial Government. EDO (education) in related sectors is a good source of information. In front of instructors and students during a ceremony held in the Committee’s main auditorium, the Rawalpindi, Intermediate and Secondary Education Committee Rawalpindi announced the results of the Rawalpindi Committee for the second year of 2023. Candidates who submitted an application for the 2023 BISE Rawalpindi Part 2 yearly exam have received the BISE Rawalpindi HSSC Part 2 Volume No Paper. The essay date and time 12 data tables were completed by candidates in accordance with the test schedule.

Part 1 of the Statistics BA guess paper (3rd Year)

The Rawalpindi Committee management department posted the BISE Rawalpindi second year Guess Paper 2023 online when the Rawalpindi Committee Statistics 2022 Guess (3rd Year) Paper was issued, and candidates could readily download the Guess (3rd Year) Paper and other required information.
Get the newest information Visit our page once more. Candidates must pass all subjects with a combined score of 300 points in order to pass the second portion of the exam. The board of directors will release a scorecard following the release of the second year’s performance. The successful applicant will receive a certificate of merit after completing the second-year exam.

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