Study MBBS / MD in Belarus in Top Medical 2023

You can learn about Belarus’ history, obtain a medical degree that is recognised all over the world, and develop into a skilled doctor for a healthy future by choosing to complete your MBBS there. Because of how well-organized and structured the Belarusian MBBS programme is, no student who enrols in it has any trouble adjusting. Every year, enables hundreds of Indian students to easily enrol at Belarus’ four MCI-approved medical schools. In Belarus in Top Medical 2023, pursue MBBS or MD degrees.

The MBBS courses that Belarusian medical universities provide are listed below. It will assist you in realizing your ambition to become a doctor.

S.No.CoursesDuration (in years)
Study MBBS / MD in Belarus in Top Medical 2023
Study MBBS / MD in Belarus in Top Medical 2023

Numerous individuals from all over the world are ready to enrol in any Belarusian MBBS university. The majority of the students here are from countries like India, Ghana, Zambia, Sri Lanka, Jordan, Iran, and Azerbaijan. Here is the reason they chose MBBS Belarus, in case you were curious. Graduates with an MBBS degree from a medical school in Belarus can practise medicine anywhere in the world because the degree is internationally recognised. Additionally, all foreign medical students who attend universities in Belarus graduate with honours. There is no requirement to learn Russian because the MBBS course is offered in English. IELTS and TOEFL scores are not required.

Medical Education / MBBS From Belarus Key Features

Score Required in 10+260% of PCB
NEET RequirementYES
Fees Structure3500 – 5500 USD Per Year
Hostel800 – 1000 USD Per Year
Duration6 Years
Medium of InstructionEnglish / Russian
Top Medical UniversityVitebsk State Medical University
RecognitionNMC and WHO approved

Belarus should be your top choice if you’re seeking a respectable MBBS university or college overseas. If these statistics do not persuade you and you are looking for compelling arguments to think about pursuing a medical degree in Belarus, this blog post from may be of assistance. In this article, the top international medical education counsellor in Pakistan,, will go through the advantages of studying medicine in Belarus. Regarding the medical sector, Belarus has a long history of achievement.

Study MBBS / MD in Belarus in Top Medical

The only language of instruction is English, so a strong knowledge of the language is necessary. In Belarus, medical education is highly valued, and the degree earned it is acknowledged worldwide. One of the benefits of studying medicine in Belarus is the affordable tuition costs (the total cost of an MBBS programme is about $29,400), which are much lower than those paid by medical schools in other European nations. Every year, about 3000 Belarusian students apply for the MBBS programme. Many people travel to Belarus to apply for admission to the MBBS programme. Every year, over 2000 Indian students attend MBBS in Belarus. In Belarus in Top Medical 2023, pursue MBBS or MD degrees.

After completing your studies at Belarus’ MBBS University, you will be

About MBBS / MD Study in Belarus

This is as a result of their degree’s widespread acceptance and World Health Organization approval. Many Indian students have been able to realise their dream of studying medicine overseas thanks to MBBS in Belarus. Belarus can be your top choice if you’re seeking for a reputable medical school or institution to attend while studying abroad for your MBBS degree. The ideal location for an MBBS abroad is Belarus. The majority of foreign students go to Belarus to enrol in the MBBS programme that is provided there.

Students from various nations, including India, Zambia, Ghana, and others, apply for admission every year in order to receive the greatest medical education possible. Unlike other European nations where you need to spend a lot of money to get a medical degree, Belarus offers medical education that is fairly reasonable.

Study MBBS / MD in Belarus in Top Medical 2023 2024

Latest News: MBBS/MD Programs in Belarus among Top Medical for 2023–2024 In Top Medical 2023–2024, Belarus offers MBBS and MD programmes. Free MBBS/MD programmes in Belarus through Top Medical 2023 Punjab board How to get into Belarus’ Top Medical to study MBBS or MD in 2023? Belarus Top Medical 2023 | 2024 | Online MBBS / MD Study Belarus Top Medical 2023 ilmswap MBBS/MD Study Study MBBS/MD in Belarus in Top Medical in 2023, at an international university in 2024, or in 2024.

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