The University Of Gujrat Merit Lists 2023

A public institution called Gujarat University (UOG) is situated in Gujarat, Punjab, Pakistan. As a result, it was founded by the Provincial Assembly of Punjab on February 23, 2004, in accordance with Act IX of 2004, in order to serve the population of Central Punjab, which also includes the towns of Wazirabad and the districts of Gujarat, Sialkot, and Gujranwala. Oh, but. And Mandi Bahauddin in Jhelum.

The area around Gujarat was given the epithet “Khita-i-Yunan” (“Area like Ancient Greece”) by Sir Syed Ahmed Khan (1817–1898), the founder of Aligarh Muslim University, in allusion to the numerous educational institutions there. As a result, the primary complex bears the name of the local Sufi saint Hafiz Muhammad Hayat.


Marghazar Campus, but also Gujarat University, GT Road Campus, and Gujarat University, Main/Hafiz Hayat Campus

But Gujarat Railway Road Campus

Consequently, Gujarat University, Fatima Jinnah Campus (Female)

the campus of Gujarat University in Rawalpindi (Female)

Campus in Lahore

Therefore, the Mandi Bahauddin Campus of Gujarat University

On-going, major development projects have been completed on the main campus. More than a thousand waterways have been included in Gujarat University’s (UoG) new campus. In addition to having purpose-built classrooms, a digital library, conference rooms, and departments for engineering, social sciences, humanities, and the arts, the campus also features multi-story buildings for the information technology and management fields. However, there are labs, a video conferencing room, verdant fields with horticultural designs, separate dormitories for boys and girls, and playgrounds. University of Gujarat 2023 Merit Lists.

Gujrat Merit Lists 2023

Therefore Hafiz Hayat’s Dargah, which is prominently situated on the Gujarat University campus, is an exceptional campus in terms of its architecture, site planning, and landscape design. As a result, it is elevated six feet over Terre Maidan by a mound. But the site also has a mosque, a haveli, a baradari (summerhouse), several graves, seven wells, and numerous old trees. Thus, King Kaladhvi owned the mound on which the building was carried out, and it was encircled by a thicket of trees. However, Hafiz Hayat chose to live there and used his spiritual charisma to assist locals.

UOG Merit List 2023 for Graduate and Undergraduate Students from the University of Gujarat Also, candidates are checked out online by postgraduate programs. who wait for the announcement day and who hope to be admitted to any program that is provided. You’ve come to the right location if you’re seeking for Hafiz Hayat Campus for the morning and evening spring/fall UOG merit list. They can now access their most recent merit lists here. Candidates who were chosen and information about every applicant who was admitted. Below is a link to the UOG 2023 main campus and sub-campus merit lists. Ilmwap offers the first, second, third, and fourth for the benefit of the students. Additionally, all morning and evening, spring and fall final merit exams were completed on schedule.

The University Of Gujrat Merit Lists 2023 2024

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