University Of Swabi Admission Merit Lists 2023

The KP government founded Swabian University in Swabian Bar in 2012. The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government, backed by the ANP, made the decision in 2012 to use Swabi’s electricity production and tobacco royalties to transform the Abdul wali Khan University site in Mardan into an established university district.

28 academic departments at the institution, including those for agriculture, law, economics, computer science, and languages, offer undergraduate and graduate-level coursework.

Admission To Swabi University will begin in September, and the merit list will be uploaded in October. Visit our page for the most recent information.

University Of Swabi

Departments & Faculties

The university currently has the following departments and Faculties.[5]

  1. Department of Agriculture
  2. Computer Science
  3. Department of Economics
  4. So Department of English
  5. Geology
  6. Department of Management Sciences
  7. Department of Microbiology
  8.  So PCRS
  9. Department of Pharmacy
  10. Department of Sociology
  11. Zoology
  12. Department of Chemistry
  13. Department of Statistics
  14. Physics
  15. Department of Mathematics
  16. So Department of Law
  17. Environmental Sciences
  18. Department of Botany
  19. Department of Biotechnology
  20. Library & Information Sciences
  21. Department of Journalism & Mass Communication
  22. Department of Political Science
  23. So Geography
  24. Department of Psychology
  25. Department of Education
  26. So Tourism & Hotel Management
  27. Department of Urdu
  28. Department of Pashto

Here, you can see the University of Swabi’s Fall and Spring Entry Test Results as well as the Merit List 2023’s First, Second, Third, Fourth, and Final Positions. Candidates who are waiting for the merit list in order to be admitted to this university. It is said that we offer a timely schedule of the morning and evening classes offered by the different BS and MS departments at UOS Swabi. Check out this page for the most recent updates. The final selected applicants, the self-finance merit list, the merit list for reserved seats, the waiting list, and the merit list for admission to Swabi University will all be sent to this address. For additional information on the results of the UOS swab entry test and the candidate interview call list (Open Merit/Self Finance), check this website frequently.

University of Swabi Merit List 2023

College of Swabi In 25 teaching fields, UOS Swabi Khyber Pakhtunkhwa offers undergraduate and graduate programs. UPS is a complete public university that provides students with an all-encompassing educational experience. One of Pakistan’s newest colleges, it has a rising reputation for top-notch instruction and high-caliber education.

University of Swabi 3rd Merit List 2023

The University of Swabi presents an exceptional chance to draw highly educated students and personnel from Punjab, Mardan, Charsadda, Islamabad, and Peshawar in addition to Swabi. As a result, the institution admits students to its numerous programs in economics, computer science, linguistics, law, and agriculture. Swabi University is situated where a highway links the country’s northwest to its southeast.

University of Swabi 2nd Merit List 2023

Dear students, please post a message in the comment section if you have any trouble viewing the UOS Swabi 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Merit List. Our team will subsequently address your issue.

University of Swabi 4th Merit List 2023

Visit the Swabi University academic calendar for 2023 and the admissions information. For more information on Swabi University’s Spring/Fall Morning/Evening admission schedule, online registration, fee structure, eligibility requirements, merit list, entry test, prospectus, entry test schedule, scholarship, faculty, and ranking, prospectus, hostel, and Courses programs, keep checking our website.

Women’s University Swabi releases the class of 2023’s final merit list. Finally, students who are currently anticipating this day are only able to view the merit list, and if they decide they also want to view the merit list of the students who are currently awaiting, they can click. Link and they may now verify the merit list in a single file that contains the names of many of the session’s pupils. The university has a rule that is well-liked in any session, and they now wish to announce that students must check the merit list of the faculties of allied health but they do not check the number of students. can obtain your general.

Most colleges mainly emphasize publishing merit lists for candidates who have already been offered positions or who have received good marks, rather than candidates with scores between 800 and 800. However, they are the kind of pupils who are interested in admittance. Thus, only academics with degrees in the humanities and social sciences are qualified. If a student understands that he or she has good Intermediate grades for this session and that he or she also has HIFZ and Sports marks and wishes to be placed on the merit list, the Admissions Committee made that announcement. Students of a certain category can verify that their name has to be registered. The merit list referenced on the page is this one.

Women University Swabi Merit List 2023

One thing is that all students have the opportunity to be placed on a merit list, but this does not require that they also complete any further exams that are unrelated to the merit list. Only 50 students are uploaded by the university in the initial merit list before the interview date and costs are determined. However, if applicants feel that they will not attend the interview and without the interview’s approval, they may still be admitted. Students in such cases are not eligible. If they do not take these things more seriously, the Admissions Committee warned, they will not advance past the merit list and receive an interview call letter even if they are qualified.

It is crucial to understand that although there are two possibilities for students who desire the first and final merit lists, they can still obtain this merit list. One is that they separate the rows with pending status for this session after mentioning the selected name.

University Of Swabi Admission Merit Lists 2024

Therefore, keep in mind that the University Of Swabi Admission Merit Lists 2024 date is subject to change each year. Every year, paper is produced in accordance with the new Session. This meeting is therefore for the year 2024. The following year, we will update this website for 2024.

University Of Swabi Admission Merit Lists 2024

Remember that the University Of University Of Swabi Admission Merit Lists 2024 date changes every year. Every year, the merit list is created in accordance with the new Session. Therefore, this merit list is for the 2024 year. We will update this page for the 2025 next year.

University Of Swabi Admission Merit Lists 2025

However, keep in mind that each year, the University Of University Of Swabi Admission Merit Lists 2025 date is subject to change. Every year, the merit list is created in accordance with the new Session. As a result, the year covered by this merit list is 2025. The following year, we will update this website for 2025.

University Of Swabi Admission Merit Lists 2023 2024

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